You’re Here!

This is my brave, bold (& slightly scary) new project - to create a radical change (for the better) in my health and body and transform me into the Slim Healthy Mama I've wanted to be for so long.

Join me - it will be interesting, eye-opening and transformational.

The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that’s what life is.


Sunday Sleep Review 8th June 2014

There is clearly more to making change than just saying you will.

You would think that after writing this post about sleep deprivation that I would be off to bed early.

Instead, that night, it was a 1am bed time because I got stuck playing a game on my iPad – so addictive, and my two demons combined – a late night and bright light from the iPad.

Sometimes I feel like a child that needs to be told to go to bed at the right time, unfortunately, I’m the adult and the responsibility falls to me to get myself to bed early.

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Tell The Story Of Your Life As You Now Want It To Be

In 2006 I watched the movie “The Secret” and since then I have been a big fan of the teachings of Abraham about the Law of Attraction, shared by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I’ve read their books, listened to their audiobooks and seen Esther speak live – I love the message and every time I hear it or read it, it reminds me that the way I’ve been thinking has been creating my reality and if I want a different reality I need to think different thoughts.

Yesterday on my drive to the gym I put on one of their audiobooks “Money and the Law of Attraction – Learning to Attract Wealth, Health and Happiness” and this is what jumped out at me as I was driving –

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Weekend Reading 7th June 2014

I’m constantly reading.

Whoever said you finished learning when you left high school or university was crazy – life is ongoing learning.

So I’d like to share the articles I’ve read during the week that I think have valuable information in them.

As with every article, read with an open mind, adopt what resonates with you and discard what doesn’t. Just because it’s written on the internet, in a book, in a magazine, doesn’t mean every word is absolute fact, or true for you.

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Three Days in – Food, Exercise, Mindset

A good start

Three days into my fresh start I think I’m actually doing ok.

Monday I pulled out the tape measure & camera, took measurements, photos and recorded weight and body fat recorded from my FitBit Aria scale ready to start the new program.

I know fancy scales aren’t the most accurate for body fat measurements, but for me it’s better than nothing and it lets me see the decrease in weight and body fat

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Sleep Deprivation – The Destroyer of Our Dreams

That title is a little dramatic I know, but it needs to be. Not getting enough sleep affects you in ways beyond what a couple of cups of coffee can fix.

I don’t get enough sleep and I can’t ignore it any more.

I’ve had more than 20 years of various pursuits that have all adversely impacted my sleep patterns –

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